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We are a company set out to develop simple, open, and easy to integrate solutions for the financial services industry. 

"There's an opportunity to make investing easier and more cost-effective for the investor"

With decades of combined experience in wealth management, capital markets, and technology, our team is in the business by creating innovative and cost-effective solutions that will easily integrate with your current technology system.

Today, the industry is plagued with legacy systems and infrastructure that can bog down the ability of companies to evolve and adapt quickly. Our goal is to make it easy for these organizations to adapt without having to rewrite their current systems and/or infrastructure. We provide point solutions that will address the challenges that these organizations face allowing them to easily adapt the solutions we provide without the heavy considerable investment in integration.

We will challenge and improve the current landscape of the financial services industry and provide new opportunities for business growth, client retention, and value-added services for its participants.

We model our solutions using

3 basic principles

Open integration

We acknowledge that all things are not created equal, especially when it comes to technology. By incorporating an open format for developing our solutions, we can rapidly change in concert with your business needs and bypass the limiting barriers of legacy systems and closed source proprietary platforms.

Equal access 

Our philosophy for building solutions is predicated providing you the tools necessary to stay competitive, service your clients, and grow your business. Whether your business is large, medium, or a start-up, our solutions do not discriminate against the size or type of investment you’ve made in your technology.

Make it simple

Time is of the essence in today’s business landscape. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, so will your approach to conducting business. The need for simple and adaptable solutions will ensure you spend your precious time servicing your clients rather than reading through a user manual.

We are a team of innovators who combine decades of industry leadership, with lean start-up techniques to accelerate success and solve problems for the financial services industry.

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