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Vexo and Justwealth partner to introduce a revolutionary ETF solution for Mutual Fund Dealers

TORONTO, Nov. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vexo Technology Solutions Corp. and Justwealth Financial Inc., a leading independent robo-advisor, announce their partnership to give Mutual Fund Dealers, Advisors, and their clients access to all of Justwealth’s professionally-managed ETF portfolio s utilizing Vexo’s ETFbahn™ solution.

With the exponential growth rate of ETF products over the last few years, Fotios Saratsiotis, President of Vexo explains why this partnership with Justwealth is so essential for Mutual Fund Dealers. “We’re on a mission to help democratize the investment management industry by developing solutions that level the playing field and allow its participants and their clients to access cost-effective investment products. Recognizing that the future of financial advice involves a hybrid model, this innovative partnership allows an Advisor to maintain the client relationship and oversee the client’s assets while allowing Justwealth’s robo-advisor technology to drive the initial and ongoing investment implementation. Clients of Mutual Fund Dealers don’t have to sever their longstanding trusted relationships with their Advisors in order to access professionally-managed ETF portfolios. Leveraging our ETFbahn™ platform and our partnership with Justwealth, we are creating the industry’s first true hybrid model: an Advisor-powered, robo solution for Mutual Fund Dealers.”

Andrew Kirkland, President of Justwealth, points out the benefits that the innovative model will provide to clients of Mutual Fund Dealers. “Justwealth was founded with a purpose to bring justice to the Canadian investor. We believe that all Canadians deserve high quality, honest and affordable financial products and services. Justwealth offers more portfolios, utilizing more ETFs, than any other robo-advisor in Canada by a wide margin, and conveniently categorizes each portfolio into one of five Portfolio Families. While many think of robo-advisors as something for only millennials, we believe that all investors, including established investors that have previously relied solely on Advisors, can benefit from this hybrid model. By partnering with Vexo, we are excited to extend our reach and bring justice to even more Canadian investors through their trusted Advisors.”

Mr. Kirkland added, “Up until this point, Mutual Fund advisors have only had the option of recommending mutual funds to their clients and now this partnership will arm them with something that they have not had the opportunity to offer. Giving Advisors access to professionally-managed, low-cost ETF solutions with automatic rebalancing can be of significant value. This new offering will unlock Advisor capacity which they can redeploy to work more closely with their existing clients on overall wealth management or pursue other new client opportunities.”

Vexo and Justwealth are planning a series of Information Sessions in the coming weeks to provide more details on the ETFbahn™ solution and the Justwealth portfolios. We encourage Advisors, Dealers, ETF-providers and other interested industry participants to go to to sign-up.

Vexo Technology Solutions Corp.

Vexo is a privately-owned technology company based in Toronto, Canada, that opened its doors for business in April 2017. Its overarching goals are to create innovative and cost-effective solutions that will easily integrate with current technology systems for the financial services industry. With decades of combined experience in wealth management, capital markets, and technology, the Vexo team will create solutions that will meet the evolving needs of its customers using three basic principles; open integration, equal access, and make it simple.

Vexo will challenge and improve the current landscape of the financial services industry and provide new opportunities for business growth, client retention, and value-added services for its participants.

For media inquiries, contact:

Fotios Saratsiotis, President (416) 949-4062

Justwealth Financial Inc.

Justwealth is Canada's most comprehensive online portfolio management platform, offering over 60 different portfolios, customized to meet each investor's needs and goals. Justwealth was founded by investment industry experts to change the way that investment services are provided in Canada, and to treat clients as they themselves would like to be treated: Justly! Justwealth is registered to serve residents in all ten Canadian provinces.

For media inquiries, contact:

Andrew Kirkland, President (647) 535-5878

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